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Site Safety Audits

Our site safety audit may include your corporate facilities, construction jobsites, paperwork audits (required OSHA documents), tools, machinery and equipment audits, etc.  We issue a professional report (with photos if requested) outlining the areas where the company may fall short in meeting OSHA standards and generally-accepted safety practices.  In addition, we offer recommendations for corrective action and reference materials for additional support.

Any site safety audit will include the following:

A paperwork inspection to include:

·        OSHA records such as 300 Injury & Illness Logs and supplemental info

·        SDS sheets as related to HazCom Program & GHS

·        Safety training records

·        Safety programs and policies in place

·        PPE safety evaluations


A “wall to wall” physical audit of the facility to include:

·        General safety violations identified by OSHA standards

·        Other safety violations using generally accepted Best Safety Practices

·        Building hazards such as electrical, fire exits, walking/working surfaces, clearance zones, loading docks, etc.

·        Use and storage of tools, machinery, equipment, chemicals, etc.

·        Any and all machine guarding

·        Employee actions and safety attitudes

·        Areas such as hearing protection, respiratory protection, etc. will be explored and evaluated.


Pictures of safety violations can be taken to identify specific areas and types of safety violations.  All the safety infractions will be noted with possible corrective actions recommended as well.  When pertinent, OSHA standard references will be included.

Please call 281-353-1512 for quotes on our safety audit services.


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